Structure of the Course (pdf) : Click Here  

Date of Launch :  13th January 2021

Timing : 3:30 PM

Fee : Rs 5,000/- (40% discount) initial offer price Rs 3,000/- for first 100 students


  • Course is structured, exhaustively, in line with UPSC’s requirement based on the given syllabus and previous years question papers. For details, SEE THE STRUCTURE OF THE COURSE 
  • A comprehensive and analytical approach of dealing with the various aspects of the syllabus including in-depth coverage of the recent developments
  • Personalized guidance in three layers: OUR FOCUS IS TO MAKE IT AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE 
          Classes will be held on Zoom, where a candidate can easily raise a query to be answered by the Faculty during the live session
          An aspirant can also book an appointment with the faculty for telephonic conversation
          The faculty and the students would also be connected via WhatsApp, so a student can also take advantage of that medium
  • The ‘Live’ classes will be recorded and the videos would be made available for the students to be viewed later and use it for revision purposes
  • Video recordings, to be made available, would be supplemented with detailed material written in an easy and lucid language
  • Attention towards writing skill development
  • Discussion of a list of prospective questions on the completion of the course

Model Video Class:


Download Sample Material:  Click Here